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  • Flash ; on-camera, off-camera
  • Lighting techniques ; studio, on-location
  • Exposure ; tricks and techniques to make your photos pop
  • Dept of Field ; how do you control what's in focus
  • Lenses ; choosing the right focal length for the image you want
  • Photography art ; handcoloring, digital techniques, unique processes.
  • Photography style ;Fashion, Advertising, Editorial photography the world is visual learn how the pros work and they themselves are inspired
  • All video based training... see how it's done, not just read it.
There's hundreds of years of combined talent, diversity, and experience of the instructors of CAworkshops, and as a CAworkshops member you receive many additional benifets: of an online community for everything photography, critiques by instructors, portfolio reviews, events, live workshops and more.

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If you’re thinking “hey, I want to take pictures for money”, then this workshop is for you. Learn from top professionals the ‘in & outs’ of the ‘Business of Photography’. We have got the top great talented photographers for the various industries: June 18th; is the Wedding, Portrait, Family & School photography workshop, with Maria Christie, Craig Evans and Chris Tierney, they will be discussing the industry, business practices, and how to profit from in those industries.
Then on June 25th we’ll have the business of photography for the: Commerical, Advertising, Editorial and Stock photography markets, with Bill Santos, Bill Mahon and Jeff Burkholder, their combined talents of 75 yrs. experience in those markets and what it takes to run a large studio.
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You won’t want to miss these live workshops, they will save you thousands of dollars, and countless hours of beating your head against the wall.

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